Dealing With Your Toddler's Public Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are a relatively common thing. They happen at some point or the other. To an exasperated parent, however, a toddler temper tantrum can feel like a natural disaster if not defeated quickly. Having Tantrums does not mean that the child is being a bad kid, sometimes itโ€™s just the only way they know how to deal with their feelings. Just like home, children may throw tantrums in public due to hunger, frustration, and tiredness. You can easily ignore these at home, but it is much more difficult to manage if you are in a public place. But tantrum should not be treated differently whether it occurs in the home and in public.

Why is it that so many toddler temper tantrums occur in public places?

Many toddlers tend to be more fussy than usual when in public places. This may be because there are more distractions, noise or even bright and shiny objects that they may want to play with. No matter the cause, it is important to know how to handle your toddlers in situations like this. The steps below can help you manage public tantrums in your toddlers.

โ– Find out the triggers of his mood swings and tantrums

One possible trigger of this is food. Thus you have to avoid giving him junk foods and be sure to give him nutritious ones. Many toddlers become extra fussy after a sugar diet and can start throwing tantrums. So, be cautious of what they eat especially when you are out. You can also curb his/her mood swings by making sure they have had enough rest before going out. If they are stressed, they are more likely to throw tantrums over little things when you are out.

โ–ย Get him ready before you leave home

Set the rules of the game in advance. Make sure to emphasize the good behavior and tell them your expectations before you go into a public place. You can tell them that we're going to the church and expect them to be quiet for one hour and then he can run and play outside the church. In this case, the child understands the acceptable behavior.

โ– Find out what he wants

Of course, you have to listen to them as well. Toddlers start to develop their thinking towards things, but they often end up short in communicating and expressing these to you thus leading to tantrums.

โ– Don't reward, bribe, or punish your children

Avoid yelling, spanking or screaming at your child when they are having a feat because it makes things even worse. Try to stay as cool and calm as possible. If you are in the mall, firmly hold his hand to ensure that your child does not run away, hurt himself and other people, talk him calmly but firmly, looking at his/her eyes. Reassure him that everything will be all right and help him to calm down.


โ– Level up with him/her

When you feel that tantrums are likely to happen, immediately make eye contact with your child and tell him/her to calm down. Let your child understand that what he/she wants is not possible. Kneel down to get on his/her level and tell him that we can't buy the toy because it is too expensive in a nice and friendly way.

โ– Distract

Learning how you can distract your toddler is indeed one of the useful tips on parenting. If he starts to insist on something, you can also distract him by telling stories. You can tell him why not or why it is not good. You can prepare yourself by bringing along his favorite toy or something that will calm him. If you are in public, you will also be more at peace if you have with you something that would get his attention.

Indeed, tantrums in toddlers are normal as they begin to communicate and explore the world around them, but you have to be prepared how to deal with it too and be equipped with good tips on parenting because it is a crucial stage in molding your child's behavior.