How to find Work Life Balance

Historically, the woman was in charge of practically everything that had to do with the care of the home and children. However, the last 50 years many things have changed in the society like the incorporation of women into working life.

Other important changes are the aging of the population, young people focusing first on work and getting married later, or the increase of single-parent families due to the increase in divorces. Some of these changes have encouraged another type of families arrangements.

 We understand that motherhood can be stressful for both working moms or stay-at-home moms. With women accumulating many roles, it is fundamental to learn to focus on what matters in order to make the daily choices easier and avoid unnecessary stress.

Here are 10 tips to help you find work-life balance. Hope it helps! :-)

1• Opting, as far as possible, for jobs that allow you to choose a shift or make changes with other co-workers, and even bet on teleworking. The more flexibility, the better.

2• Plan ahead. Create a calendar and plan activities, both work and home and free time.

3• Distribute the responsibilities of organizing the operation and tasks of the home with your partner, and even with your children if they are older, no matter who does what whenever everyone does something.

4• Be aware that you can not do everything, so do not discard outsourcing certain services. Look for professionals who really help you reconcile in order to dedicate a large part of your time to work and hire always prioritizing the service you need most. For example child care, caregiver or domestic service, etc.

5• If you are thinking of changing your home, search for one that is located in areas with all services nearby (school, daycare, medical center, playground for children, nursing homes, academies, etc.) to avoid long trips. And, if you have the possibility, establish your home in an area close to work. In this way, you will avoid wasting time on long journeys.

6• In holiday periods, such as Christmas, look for staff at home to help you or activities that are close to home so you can better manage the times of the day.

7• Try to carry out all the procedures or procedures that are possible from home, it will always be easier, more comfortable and, above all, quick. For example, make the purchase online, hire trusted professionals, pay taxes, control bank accounts, etc.

8 • Set a work time limit and plan to comply. You can not spend all day working and, of course, do not take work home. It is important to prioritize. Work is important but aspects such as health or the care of children are important too. Do not forget!

9• Learn to differentiate the things that are urgent, that can not be postponed in time, of those that are important but that can be done a posteriori.

10 • Finally, learn to channel your emotions and do not feel guilty if you do not get to everything, both at work and at home. Perfection does not exist!