Letter from Mom to Daughter

There are those moms who have children and continue living their life as before, without giving up anything.

There are those who have a son and live exclusively his life, ignoring his own existence.

The truth is that a mother is not only a mother, although this condition is eternal and origin of deep and intense love. 

The mother is a woman, friend, sister, daughter, stylist, athlete, singer, girlfriend. And what else does she want to be?

It is a huge challenge to accept that our children are not ours either. We are vital to growing up capable of loving and being happy, but they are theirs.

And it lies in that subtlety of non-belonging and “it is not mine” but she is not my boss too - the incredible pleasure of this magical relationship.

Daughter: that we can always grow together, loving us, respecting, exchanging, living in happiness. I hope I can hold you when you stumble and laugh at your side countless times.

Let our communication channel always be open and I have a lot of wisdom so that you see me as a reference at all hours.

Love you.

A world of good things in your life!