What is a push present? What is a push gift?

Why should I give one push present to my wife?

The concept of the push present is rapidly increasing in popularity, especially in the United States. Its popularity, however; has created a great divide between skeptics and non- skeptics alike. Regardless, a push present, also known as a push gift, demonstrates an invaluable sense of gratitude by the husband to the wife.

This type of gift is often given before or after the birth of a child to the mother. If you’re an expectant dad, you’ve probably got down the pre-birth logistics down. Everything from the necessary things to put in the hospital bag to the necessary finances is adequately prepped for.

However, have you thought of a way to adequately express how proud you are of your wife? It’s no secret that giving birth is difficult, and women, even though they won’t say it, like to be appreciated. A push present can do exactly that; express your appreciation and love for her and your new child.

The best time to present the push present would be before the actual delivery. After the birth of the child, it’s officially parenting time and it’s going to get very busy. Below, we take a look at the importance of giving your wife a push present when she is pregnant.


A Token of Appreciation

Giving birth, not to mention the long hours of labor, is difficult and life-changing. Admittedly, men often choose to give push gifts to their wives as a token of appreciation. They choose to express gratitude for their wives efforts by presenting them with a meaningful gift.


For Keepsake

Push gifts are not only used to express gratitude to the woman about to give birth. Push gifts are also given to represent the special moment of childbirth, as well as represent their child. They help serve as a memory of the special day the little bundle of joy entered your lives.

Moreover, they serve as a reminder of how special the child/children are.  A push gift allows the mum to take her child/children with her wherever she goes. Whether the gift is a necklace or ring, your wife will always have a smile on her face as she looks down at it.


To Signify Love

Being pregnant is often accompanied by a variety of other physical changes. From a swollen tummy to swollen legs and hormonal changes, your wife is undoubtedly experiencing some changes. These changes are often hard for women, and more often than not, they tend to feel unattractive.

A push gift is a great way to show them that you still love them. Moreover, it helps to express that the love and attraction between the two of you are still there. Needless to say, such a gift can help encourage the wife and remind her that she is still valuable and loved.


Helps Shift Some Attention To Her

Before and after the delivery, most of the attention often goes to the baby. Even the baby shower is about the baby. This, in a way, may make your wife feel forgotten or set aside.

Giving your wife a push present can help shift some attention to her. This will help her feel valued and cared for as well. No doubt, it will help lift her spirits.