Hi. Thank you for stopping by Celebrate Family! We want to be part of your daily life and to bring joy through the messages that our products carry.

Celebrate Family is a small American business that embraces good style and design as well as the humor innate in family life.

We appreciate unique design, we gravitate towards things that are creative and stand out. And, like you, we really appreciate comfortable and high-quality products at affordable prices.


Celebrate Fine Jewelry


Celebrate was born in the USA in 2017 as Celebrate Fine Jewelry. We want to CELEBRATE new moms and that love that children bring in to the world, and are so proud that we can share that representation in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Don't miss our exclusive jewelry line!


About the Founder - Milly Puma

 Celebrate Family founder


I was born in Argentina, then raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, I worked in the Fashion and Design industry.

My daughter was born in 2009, and my son in 2011. They changed my life in a way that I never thought was possible. In Brazil, it's a tradition to receive a special piece of jewelry to mark the birth of each child. My husband gave me mine, which made the perfect push presents. They were beautiful pendants that represented my son and daughter, and it was a special way for him to show how much he cared. Also, at that time, I was a full time working mom, and wearing these pieces of jewelry made me feel closer to my children. It was also a way for me to show them to the world.

I moved to the US in 2016. Here, I searched for a necklace to represent my children, but I couldn’t find a simple, elegant design to wear every day. I realized that I wanted to take the opportunity to share these meaningful necklaces to all moms, everywhere. So, I then began Celebrate Fine Jewelry.

At Celebrate, we know that starting a family is a blessing. We value the importance of a mother’s job and her strength to make her family’s dreams come true.

Let's Celebrate together!

Celebrate Family