Kind Words

We always ask for feedback on our products, the story behind each necklace, and a picture if possible.
Thank you to all who have so beautifully shared their story!



Tiffany_Crespo_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

"My babies around my neck accompanied with my Grandma's 50+ year old chain - L.O.V.E."

- Tiffany Crespo




Annie_Alamo_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

"I love my kiddos! 💖💖💙. I love that I get to carry them with me in my heart and in my heart necklace from @celebratefinejewelry. This past week I went on my first job interview in let’s say a very long time. Every time I got nervous I would touch my necklace and remembered I’m doing it for them. I tell them to be strong and courageous and dare to do new things all the time. Now it’s the time to show them how it’s done!"

- Annie Alamo


"I've recently returned to work and I've been wearing the necklace every single day. It's been a comforting thing to have on ... it's been hard leaving Kendall but I feel like I have a reminder of her with me when I'm wearing it"

- Rachael Bondy 


"I purchased this necklace for my mother in law for Mother’s Day. She’s NOT easy to shop for but she absolutely ADORED this! She only wears yellow toned jewelry so this was perfect. It was the perfect gold tone and such a great way to symbolize her three children. 😍"

- Samantha Alech


"LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This was the easiest and most memorable gift I have purchased for the moms in my life. It’s such a simple gift but so meaningful and unique. The packaging was perfect and the shipping was very quick! 😄😄😄"

 - Elizabeth A. Anderson


"Thank you. It is perfect."

- Tara Stweart


"Gorgeous necklace and great customer service! I really recommend the product and the seller!"

- Patricia Malmann 


"Beautiful! It looks just like the picture online, only prettier. Original design, nicely detailed, beautiful finish."

- Debbie Zimmerman 


"I bought this necklace for my wife and she loved it!"

- Felipe Morais  

Erica_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

"My Celebrate necklace was a birthday present. Surely, the best I had received until now because it represents my two kids: Olivia and Felipe. They are my most precious treasures. Life is complete with these two little angels."

- Erica Almeida

"I loved it!!! I bought as a gift and they really enjoyed receiving it!!! It arrived quickly and in a beautiful package. I really recommend Celebrate Fine Jewelry to everyone who wishes to present beloved ones with sensitive and eternal gifts."

- Christiane Freire 


"We have been searching with our daughters for a figurine like this; we didn't like the necklace charms out there as they were more cartoonish like, we loved this shape for the figurine, but we couldn't find it easily. By the time we found this item we were full of doubts (size, quality, etc.) I asked a few questions to Milena, and she was really fast to reply and offered more than what we asked, and we were really happy with the answers, we ordered the item, but for some reason, we still thought that we weren't going to like it (internet buying I guess) boy we were wrong! This item is not only the PERFECT size the quality is great and looks amazing on my wife, she has been smiling for the past two days with her new gift! Thank you, Milena, I will definitely buy from you again!"

- Juan on Jan 4, 2018 

"I gave to a friend, and she loved it at first glance! Cute gift."
- Lidiane Henrique
 "Amazing! I loved it! So delicate."
- Lidiane Henrique
"High quality and super cute. Great service and timely delivery! Will definitely buy again."
-Maria Silvia Costa, on Dec 28, 2017.
"I loved my necklace. The quality is amazing!!! It's gorgeous!!! Fast shipping. I will for sure buy again."
- Daniela Pardini


Keila_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

"Arthur is my only child. He is my life. When I look at him, I feel so blessed. For him, I give everything. My necklace is very special to me. It came as a wedding anniversary present from my husband."
- Keila Marconi


"Two of my kids are teenagers living at College, but with this necklace, I feel like they are all with me the whole time! It’s gorgeous, and it really makes me feel happy! Plus, I get compliments almost every day!"
- Monica Fiorentini

"The necklace and the pendants are beautiful, wonderful quality and great design. I gave it to a friend and she absolutely loved it, I was able to give a very meaningful gift at an affordable price. I liked it so much that I plan to buy one for myself."
- Debora Hertfelder


Bruna e amiga

"A friend of mine gave me this amazing necklace and I it made me SO HAPPY that you could not imagine. I decided to buy for my best friend for Christmas! Now we have the same set of pendants and we just LOVE it!! It's the best."
- Bruna Iasi



Paula gerber

“This necklace means to me the greatest gifts I’ve got in this world. It symbolizes how my heart is fulfilled; with both miracles, life has given me: my daughter Maya and her little brother who’s on the way. It’s very delicate and light, so I can wear it on a daily basis. Love it!”
- Paula Gerber

Dany_Chuaui_Celebrate fine jewelry

“When I became a mother, I felt what it was like to have my heart beating outside, and pulsing non-stop! My pendant represents my children, Helena and Gustavo, who are my greatest treasures. I love that when I wear it, I feel that my children are always close to my heart.”
- Daniela Chuauy



"I'm completely affectionate for my Cute Boy and Cute Girl! My most treasured treasures are now eternalized into a beautiful jewel. Cant stop wearing it!

- Fernanda Mena 



Dani Diniz_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

“Since the day that I received my “Heart Necklace,” I have not taken it off. A dear friend of mine gave it to me, and it is such a special gift! To me, it represents the love that myself, my husband, and our beautiful daughter feel for each other. When I wear it, I know that God is with us and  I remember the glory of life. It is truly special.”
-Daniele Reinecken 


  Kely barbato_Celebrate Fine Jewelry

"Motherhood is a journey, and I learn every day living this incredible experience. When I wear my Celebrate necklace, I feel protected and accompanied. Like I am not alone, and my son is with me. I feel my necklace brings me luck. It is truly special."
- Kely Barbato



Helena Damato

“I fell in love with this necklace when I saw a friend wearing it and knew that I had to have it right away! It is so delicate and beautiful! It represents my lovely kids, right in my heart. It goes with every outfit and is for every occasion. I wear it every day. Thank you Celebrate Fine Jewelry!”
- Helena D’Amato